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Helena Jacobs
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Doyon Foundation Alumni Association

The members of the Doyon Foundation Alumni Association come together to educate, support and encourage Doyon, Limited shareholders and descendants in educational advancement and opportunities while networking, supporting one another and pursuing professional development.

By becoming involved with the association, alumni can:
  • Help students succeed in their educational endeavors
  • Build great relationships and network with other alumni
  • Support the work of the Doyon Foundation
  • Inform the Doyon community, including potential employers, of their achievements and expertise
“You have to have a support network to succeed, whether that’s in school or in life. We want to be a part of that support network and assist students in succeeding,” said Doyon Foundation alumna Tracy Snow, who is leading the association’s efforts.

For more information or to get involved, contact Tracy Snow at 907.451.0543 or inspire_consulting@yahoo.com.

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