Northern Industrial Training (NIT) has been awarded a grant from the USDOE Alaska Native Education Program. NIT is currently recruiting participants for a Job Readiness Training program.

The first Job Readiness Class will be held in Palmer, AK at NIT’s headquarters from October 4 – October 13, 2010. Training will be held from 8:30 – 4:00pm daily.

The curriculum outline for the Job Readiness Training is as follows:

· Provided a Comprehensive Reading Assessment

  • Increase trainee’s reading comprehension skills

Provided a Construction Math Assessment

  • Increase participant understanding of Construction Math through math learning activities: basic mathematical functions such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, and how to read a tape measure. These basic math skills are not being taught in the school system and employees are showing up to work without understanding essential elements of the construction industry.

Increase Basic Employability & Communication Skills

  • This portion introduces trainees to critical thinking and problem solving skills and computer systems and their industry applications. Also reviews effective relationship skills, effective self-presentation, interviewing skills, and key workplace issues such as sexual harassment, stress, and substance abuse. This section also provides trainees with techniques for communicating effectively with co-workers and supervisors and will address differences in cultural communication. Practical examples that emphasize the importance of verbal and written information and instructions on the job and effective telephone and e-mail communication skills are addressed.

Pre-requisites for the Job Readiness Training:

1. Must be at least 18 years of age

2. Provide photo identification card (Alaska Drivers License or State Issued Photo ID Card)

3. Must have a BIA card or proof of Alaska Native Blood

4. HS Diploma or GED is preferred but not required – however, to be employable a person would need to have one or the other. If they are working on their GED – please have them indicate that on the application and an estimated completion date for the GED.

5. Completed Job Readiness Training Application.

There is no cost to the applicant. Tuition, books, and materials fees are covered by the grant. If you have any questions, please email:

Job Readiness Application 2010-Palmer.pdf

Job Readiness Flyer Palmer 10-4.pdf