First Alaskans Institute (FAI) announces our 2019 Summer Internship Program (SIP) to place Alaska Native, Native American, Indigenous and rural undergraduate and graduate students into organizations around Alaska to provide leadership growth, employment experience and cultural exploration. Continuing to build upon 15 years of proven success in developing dynamic and connected Native leaders, this one-of-a-kind experience strengthens the next generation of Indigenous leaders through a unique curriculum harmonizing Native knowledge and history, transferable business skills, and community-based advocacy training while providing hands-on experiential learning in career fields relevant to each intern’s pursuits and employer’s interests. FAI values our partnerships across the state as we seek to ensure meaningful employment opportunities for the individual interns and their employers.

Since 2004 we have placed 342 interns in over 110 different partner organizations in 26 communities across Alaska. FAI will continue to work towards strengthening relationships with current partners and establishing new partners, especially in our villages and hub communities.

To Apply
Employer Partners must be willing to support the growth of an intern by providing feedback and guidance, provide work space for the intern, and be willing to invest in the program by paying a Placement Fee. The application requires submission of information about organization, main contact, summary of work, in addition to:

· Intern Duties & Responsibilities (a bulleted list of duties & responsibilities the intern will execute)

· Intern Work Plan – Template is available for download here.

Application Tip: Prepare the documents listed above a head of time to be most efficient when you apply.

To apply visit:

Important Program Dates

· Employer Partner Application Due: May 31, 2019

· Employer Partner Orientation Meetings: TBD

· Sliding Scale Placement Fee Due: June 7, 2019

· Intern placement at partner organization: June 10 – August 2, 2019

· Intern Application Due Date: March 15, 2019

· Final Selection of Interns: March 29, 2019

· Intern Mandatory Leadership Development Retreats, 8 am-5 pm: June 3 – 7 & August 5 – 9

· Intern Mandatory Leadership Development Fridays, 1-5 pm: June 21 & 28, July 19

About First Alaskans Institute
First Alaskans Institute helps develop the capacities of Alaska Native people and their communities to meet the social, economic and educational challenges of the future, while fostering positive relationships among all segments of our society. First Alaskans does this through community engagement, information and research, collaboration, and leadership development. First Alaskans is a non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to advance Alaska Native people.

Our Vision: Progress for the next 10,000 years

Our Mission: True to identity, heritage, and values, Alaska Natives are informed and engaged in leading the decisions that shape the future.