Doyon Foundation is hiring a new Executive Director to lead our organization. The application deadline has been extended to Friday, March 5, 2021. We are proud of our commitment to provide educational, career, and cultural opportunities to enhance the identity and quality of life for Doyon shareholders. We seek to broaden our reach and services to Doyon Foundation’s shareholders and communities, which span 34 villages across Interior Alaska and includes over 20,000 shareholders from both rural and urban areas. In line with the Foundation’s and Doyon Limited’s mission, we are excited to find the right person to grow and shape our organization into its next chapter.

The successful candidate will promote Doyon Foundation’s values and effectively communicate its vision while building capacity to achieve and support it. The ideal candidate will be visible and accessible as they drive opportunities to provide scholarships to Doyon shareholders, establish new and cultivate existing partnerships with organizations across Alaska, and support career and educational/workforce development for shareholders in a variety of creative ways.

While the incoming Executive Director is expected to bring strong leadership, staff development, financial management, and communication skills to the role, “growing our own” is a cornerstone of Doyon Foundation’s mission. As such, we are excited to consider a variety of candidates, including those new to Foundation administration.

This position is based in Fairbanks, Alaska.

About Doyon Foundation

Doyon Foundation was founded by Doyon, Limited, the Alaska Native regional corporation for Interior Alaska, in 1989.

Our mission: To provide educational, career, and cultural opportunities to enhance the identity and quality of life for Doyon shareholders.

Our vision:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Effective and Collaborative Strategic Partnerships
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Every Shareholders’ Dream is Realized
  • Strong Demonstration of Indigenous Language, Culture and Values

The Executive Director with Doyon Foundation brings the following:

  • Knowledge of Alaska Native cultures and languages within the Doyon region.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate as a leader.
  • Strong financial management skills, including budget preparation, portfolio manager performance review, fund development, decision making and reporting, as well as grants and contract management.
  • Ability to work with organizations and communities in and outside the region to help perpetuate Doyon region languages and culture.
  • Ability to lead, manage, and cultivate relationships with a diverse group of people.
  • Solid organizational leadership abilities, including strategic planning, change management, staff management, networking, and program development.
  • Ability to fundraise through a variety of methods.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors. Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Executive Leadership in engaging and participating in the strategic planning process, business development efforts, general business review and problem solving, and policy development
  • Corporate Administration to plan, develop, organize, direct, and evaluate all aspects of day-to-day office administration to ensure professional and efficient corporate operations and performance
  • Financial Management in providing leadership throughout areas of responsibility on matters regarding budgetary performance, financial manager and portfolio oversight and cost control
  • Supervision, providing direction, vision, and oversight to all departments and supervising multiple positions.

See the job description at for the full listing of responsibilities.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Two years of senior management level (CEO, CFO, COO, VP) experience in a for-profit or nonprofit organization, or three years of mid-management experience in a supervisory role.
  • Three years of experience directly managing a budget.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

Preference statement: Doyon Foundation grants preference to qualified Doyon shareholders first, and second to qualified shareholders of other Alaska Native corporations that grant a similar preference in all phases of employment and training, which include, but are not limited to hiring, promotion, layoff, transfer, and training.

View the full job announcement and job description, and apply online at