In our Native languages, the names of the months aren’t just words – they describe what is taking place during that time of year. For example, November is referred to as Sooge Zo’, or marten month in Denaakk’e/Koyukon. In Inupiaq, November is Nippivik, or sunset time, in reference to the dwindling daylight hours as we head into winter.

In our November 2021 Native Word of the Month, we are pleased to share “November” translations in many of the Native languages of the Doyon region. We encourage you to speak and share your language today and throughout November, in honor of National Native American Heritage Month!

Benenh Notr’ekhwlenigi = The month they tell stories (Benhti Kokhwt’ana Kenaga’/Lower Tanana)

Łeggided No’ = Eel month (Deg Xinag)

Sooge Zo’ = Marten month (Denaakk’e/Koyukon)

Demee Sǎa’ = Sheep month (Dihthâad Xt’een Iin aanděg’/Tanacross)

Minich’i’unadia’e = Trapping month (Dinak’i/Upper Kuskokwim)

Divii Zhrii = Sheep month (Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa/Gwich’in)

Jë̀bee Zraa Nän = Sheep month (Hän)

Dibee Saa = Sheep (Nee’aanèegn’/Upper Tanana)

Nippivik = Sunset time (Inupiaq)

For more translations, view our Native word of the month archives on the Foundation website.

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