Tanana River at sunset, courtesy of Allan Hayton

We are into December and winter solstice is on its way, so in this month’s Native Word, we are pleased to share translations of “December” and “winter.” We’ve included the meaning of the words, where known. We hope you enjoy, practice and share this month’s Native words!

Benhti Kokhut’ana Kenaga’ (Lower Tanana)

December – Tach’enatht’onh

Winter – Khwyh

Deg Xinag

December Vinginh Q’inodle Chux (Big prayer month)

Winter – Xiyh

Denaakk’e (Koyukon)

December Høyh Kk’aatl’ot Le’onee (Compact object at the far end of winter)

Winter – Huyh

Dihthâad Xt’een Iin Aanděeg’ (Tanacross)

December – Wunenh Nach’ehjedh

Winter – Xey

Dinak’i (Upper Kuskokwim)

Winter – Hwsh

Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa (Gwich’in)

December – Veegwaadhat, also Ch’atsal

Winter – Khaii


December – Sraa Tsäww Nän

Winter – Khayy


Winter – Xiyh or Xuyh


December – Siqiñġiḷaq (no sunshine) 

Winter – Ukiuq

Nee’aanèegn’ (Upper Tanana)

Winter – Xaiy

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