For our January 2022 Native Word of the Month, we wanted to share a new feature on our website: interactive flashcards in Benhti Kokhut’ana Kenaga’ (Lower Tanana), featuring artwork by Natilly Hovda and audio translations by David Engles. (Read more about the project on our blog!)

With the interactive flashcards, you can practice the language by switching between English and Benhti Kokhut’ana Kenaga’ by hovering over each card and clicking the arrow on either side of the card. You can also download a PDF with a full set of flashcards that you can print and use at home.

For more translations, view our Native word of the month archives on the Foundation website.

We also invite you to access free online language-learning lessons by signing up for Doyon Languages Online! We currently have lessons available for Benhti Kokhut’ana Kenaga’ (Lower Tanana), Denaakk’e (Koyukon), Holikachuk and Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa (Gwich’in), as well as a special set of Hän lessons based on the work of the late Isaac Juneby. All interested learners may sign up and access the courses at no charge – sign up today!