We’ve been busy preparing for the official start of our brand new Native language Mentor-Apprentice Program! The first cohort of mentor-apprentice teams will gather for orientation and training on August 12 – 13 in Fairbanks.

As part of efforts to support our MAP teams and other interested language learners, we have developed a series of program materials, including a handbook, sample lessons, forms and assessments. These materials are now available on the Doyon Foundation website at no cost to all interested language learners.

In the next couple of weeks, we also plan to post and share MAP training videos to help mentor-apprentice teams in our program or learning on their own. Keep an eye on the MAP webpage, our social media channels, or our monthly Storyteller e-newsletter for updates on the latest MAP resources.

Doyon Foundation received a grant from the Administration for Native Americans in 2021 to establish our Mentor-Apprentice Program. Through MAP, we are providing training and compensation for participating mentor-apprentice teams. Mentors will guide apprentices to become proficient speakers of Doyon region languages through one-on-one, immersion language learning for one year. In turn, language learners who complete an apprenticeship can give back to their language community as a mentor, instructor or lesson developer.

Our first MAP cohort is comprised of 15 mentor-apprentice teams. Additional teams will have the opportunity to apply to participate in year two of the project.

For more information about MAP, visit doyonfoundation.com/map or contact Lucy Miller, MAP project manager, at millerl@doyon.com or 907.459.2015.