Loretta Lolnitz, an apprentice in our Mentor Apprentice Program, was a snowshoe racer for 20 years. In our February Native word of the month, Loretta shares the story of how she gave her youngest son a Denaakk’e name inspired by her love of snowshoeing. 

Oyh K’edzaaye = Snowshoe Heart

Denaakk’e (Koyukon)

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Denaakk’e is one of the languages available to learn in Doyon Languages Online. Currently available courses include:

  • Benhti Kokhut’ana Kenaga’ (Lower Tanana)
  • Deg Xinag
  • Denaakk’e (Koyukon)
  • Dihthaad Xt’een Iin Aanděeg’ (Tanacross)
  • Dinak’i (Upper Kuskokwim)
  • Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa (Gwich’in)
  • Doogh Qinag (Holikachuk)
  • Hän
  • Nee’aanèegn’ (Upper Tanana)

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