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Alumnus Profile

Michael Ervin

Michael Ervin

Earlier this summer, Doyon Foundation alumnus Michael Ervin was hired as the second full-time officer with the Galena Police Department, doubling the size of the department.

Prior to becoming a police officer, Ervin, originally from Northway/Tok, worked as a supervisor with Doyon Security, was a Kansas Correctional Officer, and completed a tour of duty in Iraq with the Alaska Army National Guard.

“Education is important because it’s hard to have a successful career without an education. If I didn’t have the education, I wouldn’t have done well in the academy and be where I’m at today,” said Ervin, who earned his GED, completed one year of college, and plans on getting a degree in criminal justice.

Ervin said he faced a lot of challenges in school, but overcame them by not giving up. Encouragement from friends and family members, and scholarships from Doyon Foundation also helped him keep going.

“Because of the scholarship I received from Doyon, I was able to go to the police academy. I’m very thankful that I am a part of a corporation like Doyon,” he said.

Ervin encouraged other students to “stay in school, get the education you need, be successful in your career, and never quit. Life is tough, but you have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.”

Ervin is the son of Betty Didricksen and the late Justin Ervin, and the grandson of Oscar Jimmie and the late Hellen Jimmie.