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Doyon Foundation Unveils New Vision, Updated Mission and Purpose

The Doyon Foundation board of directors recently participated in an intense planning session and ultimately approved a new, long-term vision for the Foundation, and set a series of goals to work toward over the next three to five years. The board also updated the Foundation’s mission and purpose.

“Our new vision and goals, and our updated mission and purpose, better clarify the work the Foundation is doing and the direction we are going,” said Sharon McConnell, Doyon Foundation executive director.

The Foundation’s new, long-term vision is to achieve the future through educational and cultural values, by providing an opportunity for every shareholder to attain their educational/certification goals; giving every shareholder the opportunity to learn their own language and culture; and attaining 100 percent graduation/completion rates with high scholastic achievement.

“Our vision is big. We have some big goals because we are full hope for the future and we believe in the strength of our people to help each other,” said Dawn Dinwoodie, president of the Foundation board of directors. “The vision speaks to the importance of working together because it will take more than our staff and board to achieve our dreams. We are thankful for Doyon, Limited’s major support every year. With Doyon, Limited’s solid financial support every year, we can reach for the stars and vision a future of fully funding every student, high scholastic achievement and living our cultures through language. With the support of alumni, volunteers, donors, parents and students, I believe this vision will be achieved.”

To accomplish the new vision, the Foundation has set a series of goals to work toward over the next three to five years. These goals include developing a strategy for culture and language; developing a plan to increase staffing to support growth; supporting students at all academic levels; and raising $100 million. The Foundation board will be developing action plans to attain these goals during the next year.

“When I think of our vision, I think of how elders planned for the future, thinking of how their decision today would impact their grandchildren many generations to come,” Dinwoodie said.

In the long-run, the Foundation expects to see many positive results from these changes, such as more scholarships, a higher standard of living, more Native voices and leaders, healthier families and communities, and living cultures and languages.

In addition to the new vision and goals, the Foundation also updated its mission statement and core purpose. The Foundation’s updated mission is to provide the highest level of support to shareholders and their descendents by providing post-secondary scholarships that include basic, competitive and vocational; advancing traditional Native knowledge; and increasing Native student performance levels.

The updated purpose is to promote self-reliance and the economic and social well-being of Doyon’s shareholders and descendents, and to strengthen Native culture and heritage through education.

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For more information, visit www.doyonfoundation.com or contact Sharon McConnell at 907.459.2051 or mcconnell@doyon.com.