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2015 Event

An enormous thank you to the 120 golfers, 50 volunteers and 50 sponsors for “chipping in for education” at the recent 15th annual Morris Thompson Memorial Golf Classic! The 2015 event took place Thursday and Friday, June 18 and 19 in Fairbanks, Alaska. See event photos on Facebook.

This year’s golf classic was remarkable for several reasons – gross income (before expenses) from the Calcutta, live auction and golf classic totaled more than $255,000! Plus, the tournament field sold out within two weeks of mailing out the invitation, and all 18 holes were sponsored.

Congratulations, Winners!

A total of 120 golfers on 30 teams participated in the 2015 Morris Thompson Memorial Golf Classic. Congratulations to this year’s winning teams, including the first place golf classic winners, Micah Bartlett, Stewart Thompson, Dennis Mullen and Frank Thompson, who were also the winning Calcutta team buyer!

PlaceTeamScorePlayer APlayer BPlayer CPlayer D
1st 16 116 Micah Bartlett Stewart Thompson Dennis Mullen Frank Thompson
2nd 23 117 Todd Henderson Gene Carlson Howie Thies David Atlee
3rd 22 121 Dietz Kellman Dan Gavora Josh Van Horn Shayne Coiley
4th 10 122 Rick Boyles Dan Clark Scott Jepsen Richard Schok
5th 28 123 William Burton Yuri Morgan Brian Ridley Becky Ridley
6th TIE 21 124 Bill Gordon Ed Stevenson Orie Williams David Hale
6th TIE 13 124 Milo Griffin Glen Anderson Jim Johnson JP Hoff
8th 11 125 Michael O'Connor Patrick Walsh Eric Wieman Donovan Walsh
9th TIE 14 126 Mike Shultz Jerry Walker Jim Culley John Ringstad
9th TIE 26 126 Ralph Hamm Andrew Honea Ron Wilson Todd Driskill
9th TIE 24 126 Tom Halti Bob Ackiss Jeff Greenwood Judd Irwin

Putting Contest Winners

Group A

  • 1st Woody Wallis
  • 2nd Micah Bartlett
  • 3rd Mike Shultz

Group C

  • 1st Eric Wieman
  • 2nd Jim Culley
  • 3rd Sonny Adams

Group B

  • 1st Rick Whitbeck
  • 2nd Bart Adams
  • 3rd Stewart Thompson

Group D

  • 1st Ken Tracy
  • 2nd Kathy Kraft
  • 3rd John Baley

Longest Drive Contest Winners

Group A

  • 1st Aaron Roth
  • 2nd Rick Boyles
  • 3rd Craig Shenher

Group C

  • 1st Jarko Toivanen
  • 2nd Dennis Mullen
  • 3rd Scott Henke

Group B

  • 1st Verna Westlake
  • 2nd Yuri Morgan
  • 3rd Chase Bomar

Group D

  • 1st Kathy Kraft
  • 2nd Becky Ridley
  • 3rd JP Hoff

Chipping Contest Winners

Group A

  • 1st Rick Boyles
  • 2nd Aaron Roth
  • 3rd Jim Adams

Group C

  • 1st Scott Henke
  • 2nd Ethan Schutt
  • 3rd Dennis Mullen

Group B

  • 1st Togi Letuligasenoa
  • 2nd Dan Gavora
  • 3rd TIE Stewart Thompson
  • 3rd TIE Chase Bomar

Group D

  • 1st Judd Irwin
  • 2nd Kathy Kraft
  • 3rd JP Hoff

Calcutta Auction Results

The Calcutta, held Thursday evening at the Wedgewood Resort, featured a live auction. Thank you to all who participated, especially the auction winners:

  • Trip for two to Reno, Nevada, including a five-night stay at the Peppermill Hotel: Mariah Pitka, $2,200
  • Trip for two to Seattle, Washington, including a two-night stay at the Tulalip Resort and Casino: Patrick Duke, $2,000
  • New set of irons in collectors golf bag, plus round of golf at Fairbanks Golf Course: Jad Sadler, $950
  • Limited edition Callaway Major June Staff Tour Bag: Marissa Flannery, $1,550
  • Srixon bag: Craig Shenher, $700

Thank You, Volunteers!

  • Linda Armstrong
  • Charlisa Attla
  • Willow Bowen
  • Donna Brooks
  • Kim Carlo
  • Jennifer Claxton
  • Liz Dayton
  • Jordan Demientieff
  • Marina Evans
  • Kaylyn Hale
  • Allen Hayton
  • Daphne Huntington
  • Jennifer Imus
  • Josie Jakway
  • Michelle Joseph
  • Max Kamarake
  • Maudrey Kriska
  • Carrol Lefevour
  • Darlene Malamute
  • Charlene Marth
  • Jamie Marunde
  • Kathy Mayo
  • Lori McCaffery
  • Lindsay McClintock
  • Jane McConkey
  • Kathleen Meckel
  • Bruce Miller
  • Doris Miller
  • Kelly Mitchell
  • Janelle Morris
  • Patrice O'Connell
  • Charlene Ostbloom
  • Barbara Pomar
  • Helen Renfrew
  • Janet Renfrew
  • Jordan Sanford
  • Wayne Sawchuk
  • Geri Simon
  • Joy Simon
  • Dana Smith
  • Jenna Sommer
  • Katie Sommer
  • Adele Stickman
  • Sommer Stickman
  • Erika Swanson
  • Howie Thies
  • Kelly Ward
  • Mary Weymiller
  • Janelle Williams
  • Raquel Williams

Planning Committee

  • Jordan Sanford, Chair
  • Maudrey Kriska
  • Charlene Marth
  • Doris Miller
  • Charlene Ostbloom
  • Helen Renfrew
  • Janet Renfrew
  • Aaron Schutt
  • Geri Simon

Sponsor Appreciation

Doctorate Level $15,000

Bachelor's Level $5,000

Golf Ball Sponsor $3,500

Associate's Level $2,500

Hole-In-One Insurance Sponsor $2,000

Hole Sponsor $1,500

Doyon Board of Directors
Doyon Foundation Alumni Association

Certificate Level $1,000

For information on how you can get involved as a sponsor, email admin@doyon.com or call 907.459.2098.

Scholarship Recipients

With the support of our golfers and sponsors, Doyon Foundation awarded scholarships to the following students in 2014 – 2015:

  • Richard Cole, Bachelor’s of Science, Professional Pilot
  • Esther Frykman, Associate’s of Applied Science, Nursing
  • Sheila George, Bachelor’s of Arts, Business Management
  • Bethany Green, Bachelor’s of Science, Physical Therapy
  • Sharon Hildebrand, Master’s Degree in Public Administration
  • Mara James, Bachelor’s of Arts, International Studies, Languages
  • Loretta Lolnitz, Associate’s of Applied Science, Construction Management
  • Patrick Lovell, Bachelor’s of Science, Engineering
  • Deanna Mayo, Associate’s of Arts, Applied Business
  • Jennifer Romer, Master’s of Science, Sports Business
  • Emily Sexton, Bachelor’s of Arts, Economic/Political Science
  • Chanel Simon, Bachelor’s of Arts, Accounting
  • Jessica Ullrich, Doctor of Philosophy, Social Work
  • Clarissa Zeller, Bachelor’s of Science, Biology

A special thank you to Jennifer Romer, a $5,000 graduate competitive scholarship recipient and the student speaker at this year’s Calcutta. Jennifer, an Athabascan/Yup’ik originally from Fairbanks and Bethel, is a graduate student at New York University, where she is pursuing a master’s of science in sports business, professional and collegiate operations. In her address, Jennifer spoke on “life-long learning as it relates to a main component of our culture and my career.” She also thanked Doyon, Limited and Doyon Foundation employees and volunteers for their tireless effort.

“Doyon Foundation has provided me with financial support that has contributed to successfully completing year one of two of my graduate studies,” she said.

2016 Event

Mark your calendar for next year’s Morris Thompson Memorial Golf Classic, which will take place Thursday and Friday, June 16 and 17, 2016.

About the Classic

The Morris Thompson Memorial Golf Classic was established in 2000 by Doyon Foundation in honor of the late Morris Thompson, who served as the president/CEO of Doyon, Limited from 1985 until his passing in 2000. The annual event is held each year in mid-June.

Proceeds from the classic support the Morris Thompson Scholarship Fund, an endowed fund benefitting Alaska Native higher education students studying business management and leadership.

More Information

For more information on the classic or how to get involved, email admin@doyon.com or call 907.459.2098.