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Every shareholder's dream is realized

Amber Kocsis
Receiving the $3,500 Morris Thompson Graduate scholarship means a lot to Doyon student Amber Kocsis for financial reasons.

“The scholarship allows me to focus on my studies and not worry quite so much about repaying loans after graduation. As an undergraduate, I had to work 15 hours a week to meet my financial need for school. It made it a stressful few years. I wanted to focus just on my studies while attending graduate school,” said Kocsis, who will graduate in December with a dual degree in law and business from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich.

However, receiving the scholarship means a lot to her for personal reasons, as well.

“Receiving the Morris Thompson memorial scholarship is an incredible honor for me. It shows me that others believe in my ability and leadership qualities and induces me to push myself to achieve more and give back to our community,” she said.

Kocsis, the daughter of Marilyn Berglin of Fairbanks and Carlson Malemute of Galena, shared some words of advice for her fellow Doyon students.

“In choosing a major, do your research and explore the career possibilities. Once you get to school, get involved. Access the Doyon Foundation’s alumni network to learn from others about degree programs and careers. I’d be happy to talk with any shareholders considering law or business school, and I’m sure there are many others out there who would be happy to talk about their experiences,” she said.