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Image of Dewey Hoffman at Graduation in 2009 Image of Dewey Hoffman in 2013, Fairbanks, Alaska
College graduation, 2009
Dewey Hoffman, 2013
Dewey Kk'ołeyo Hoffman

Seeing students learn and grow and eventually transform into leaders who touch lives and lead positive change is one of the remarkable things about being involved with Doyon Foundation.

Foundation alumnus Dewey Kk'ołeyo Hoffman is an excellent example of the power of a scholarship. Dewey graduated high school in Anchorage through GILA City Schools and APU Early Honors Program simultaneously in 2004.

He completed his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College in 2009, with lots of encouragement and inspiration from his family – including his parents and two older sisters who finished college ahead of him. He also received support from the Native Americans at Dartmouth student group, professors and Doyon Foundation, which awarded Dewey numerous scholarships during his education.

“Although I wanted to quit many times, seeing who had gone ahead of me and what encouragement and insights I might be able to pass on to others kept me going,” Dewey shared.

Today, Dewey is finding lots of ways to pass on the things he’s learned. He is coaching his 8th grade nephew as he prepares to enter a post secondary degree of his choice. Dewey serves as the development manager at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, supporting its mission to preserve and strengthen all Alaska Native traditions, languages and art. And he is seeking a master’s degree in education, focusing on teaching and learning, and promoting education policies and reforms that will create more opportunities for Alaska Native language instructors.

“When you donate to the Doyon Foundation, you are not only supporting the current and upcoming generation of Alaska Native leadership that will directly steer us into the future, but the state of Alaska as a whole,” Dewey said.

Dewey is Koyukon and Swiss-American originally from Ruby, and is the son of Dee Olin and David Hoffman. His mom was born to the late Lillian and Fred Olin of Kokrines and Ruby, and was adopted by John and Lorraine Honea of Ruby and seasonal camps. His father’s family comes from a farming community near Bozeman, Montana, where his ancestors from Switzerland and the UK settled.

If you would like to help pass on the power of a scholarship, please consider supporting Doyon Foundation with a 2014 Pick. Click. Give. contribution. Starting January 1, you can Pick. Click. Give. to the Foundation when you apply for your 2014 PFD at www.pfd.alaska.gov.