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Donne Harris-Fleagle
Internships, and the real-life experience they offer, are an important piece of any educational pursuit – something Doyon Foundation student Donne Harris-Fleagle knows first-hand.

“Internships are important. There is the practical side of experience and knowledge that is gained. Additionally, networks are established, which are invaluable now and well into the future,” said Harris-Fleagle, who is currently an intern in Senator Bettye Davis’ office in Juneau, through the Alaska Universities Legislative Internship Program.

Harris-Fleagle, recipient of a 2006 – 2007 Doyon Foundation, non-traditional, competitive scholarship funded by the Fairbanks Native Association, is completing the internship as part of her studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She plans to graduate with a bachelor’s in justice and a minor in Alaska Native studies in May 2008. After graduation, she will either pursue a career in corrections or law enforcement, or further her education by attending law school or obtaining a master’s in public administration.

“I want to encourage the older student such as myself to attain a degree. As a non-traditional student, it is much harder, but the bright side is that I believe older students are more determined and more focused. We also bring our life experiences into our higher educational pursuits, which is an additional bonus,” said Harris-Fleagle, 47.

Harris-Fleagle, who is originally from McGrath, is the daughter of Alice Parent Harris and Donald P. Harris, and the granddaughter of Massa and Dennis Parent, and Maude and Richard Harris.