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Image of Lisa John Paul
Lisa John Paul

Doyon Foundation alumna Lisa John Paul just may be the next “Ice Road Trucker.”

Originally from Shageluk, and currently living in Anchorage, John Paul graduated from Northern Industrial Training in July 2010 with a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). She joined the National Guard in August, and will soon be leaving for 16 weeks of training in Missouri. After she completes her training, she plans to work as a truck driver.

“I will be training to be a truck driver for 10 weeks and since I already have my Class A CDL, I am that much further ahead. I am thankful that Doyon helped me to pay for my training and obtain my CDL,” John Paul said. “I love driving big trucks and look forward to a rewarding and exciting career.”

John Paul said her biggest challenge was making the transition from “a stay-at-home mommy to a working mommy. It is the hardest sacrifice I have had to make in my life. I believe that you need to follow your heart and dreams and that is what I hope to instill in my children’s heart and soul. If I can accomplish my dreams for myself and my family, then I believe my children will understand my decision one day. So, when it’s their turn to jump and fly, they won’t hesitate.”

“I would like to say to everyone that it is never too late to make a change in your lives,” John Paul said. “I have been through a lot in the past 10 years and have learned a lot from my mistakes and my accomplishments. I have fallen so many times, at times I thought I would never be able to get back up. I have learned that no matter how hard it is, you must get up because everyone must fall sometimes. The harder you fall, the stronger and better balanced you are the next time. Always have faith in yourselves and Jesus, and never give up on your dreams.”

John Paul is the daughter of Sarah A. Hatzis, Steve Hatzis and Arnold Painter, and the granddaughter of Sarah and Eluska John, Sr. and Mona and Arthur Painter.