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Shannon Jimmie Photo
Shannon is pictured on the right.

Q&A with Shannon Jimmie

First-time freshman and competitive scholarship recipient

We understand you graduated at the top of your class at Mt. Edgecumbe. What was your secret for success?

The secret for success in high school, to me, is staying caught up on homework and updating my planner. In most classes, homework counts for a small percentage of the overall grade; some students shrug it off thinking it's no big deal, but it is! Homework definitely helped me build a foundation of what I needed to know. Basically, homework is a review of what was learned in class. It's easy points. And updating planners are a great habit to get used to. Keeping track of which deadlines are approaching really does help, especially in college.

We hear you're attending George Fox University. How did you choose what school to go to?

In 10th grade, I attended a college fair. After visiting a few college representatives, I happened to pass by George Fox University. I met the representative, who is now my admissions counselor, and we talked for a good amount of time. I wanted to attend a fairly small university that was Christian-based, and George Fox was the one. I've always wanted to attend George Fox University ever since, now here I am.

How is your freshman year going so far? What's been the hardest thing? The most fun thing?

Right now, I am in my first week of classes. It's been neutral, so far. The challenge for me right now is getting over the fact that I am in college, in a different state with a lot of new faces. The excitement is overwhelming! The most fun part about college is meeting new people. Since I've been here, I have met a new person each day. Also, I enjoy classes, especially pre-calculus and psychology.

What are you interested in studying?

I am majoring in cell and molecular biology.

What do see yourself doing in the future?

I am aiming for my master's, then hopefully medical school. There are a few paths that I can choose, but I am leaning more towards med school. I am strongly interested in medical science.

What piece of advice would you give to other students applying for a Foundation scholarship?

Start the application process early! A great opportunity such as the Doyon Foundation scholarship should not be put off until the last minute.

What does the scholarship mean to you?

It has been a blessing to have been awarded the competitive scholarship. To me, the Doyon Foundation scholarship gives students, especially Alaska Native students, a chance for a promising future. I know that with this scholarship, hard work does pay off, it does not go unnoticed.

What are the names of your parents and grandparents?

Alice and Brady Jimmie are my grandparents. Sharon Jimmie and John Johnson are my parents.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Over the summer, I did a research internship at UAF with the National Institute of Health. I was placed into the biochemistry department and I researched hbA1c (blood sugar) and adiponectin (a protein hormone found in fat tissue) in sedentary and conditioned sled dogs. In mid-August, I was sent to Bethesda, MA to present my project at the National Institute of Health.