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Doyon Languages Onlines

This project is growing and changing quickly, so please check back regularly for updates!

What is Doyon Languages Online?

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Type and Text in Your Native Language

Check out this website, where you can download keyboard layout software to type in some of the Doyon region languages! And take a look at this Alaska Native language keyboard for iPhones and other iOS devices!

The Doyon Languages Online project is a partnership with 7000 Languages, a nonprofit that supports endangered language learning partially through software donated by Transparent Language.

Doyon Foundation first partnered with 7000 Languages in 2014 to create and provide learning content for the languages of the Doyon region in an accessible, engaging and proven online environment.

In 2016, the Foundation received a three-year, $900,000 grant from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) to help fund the Doyon Languages Online project. During the three-year grant project, a total of 280 introductory online lessons will be created for five of the Doyon languages: Holikachuk, Denaakk’e, Benhti Kenaga’, Hän, and Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa. Ultimately, the Foundation aims to create online courses for all of the Doyon region languages.

The lessons will be made widely available to language teachers and learners in Alaska and throughout the United States. Language teachers will also receive training in using the lessons in local educational settings, from schools to homes to community events.

For more information on Doyon languages Online, please contact Nathaniel Feemster at 907.459.2107 or feemstern@doyon.com.

Language Demos Now Available

Doyon Languages Online (DLO) is excited to announce our first series of demo lessons! These demos were created during the February 18 and 19 kick-off meeting, and provide short examples of what the DLO project is creating.

Test out demos of lessons in Denaakk’e, Holikachuk, Hän, Benhti Kenaga’, and Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa (Gwich’in) by clicking on the icons below:

Han Demo Benhti Demo Holikachuk Demo Dinjii Demo Denaakke Demo
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