Donors & Volunteers

We rely on the support of our generous donors and dedicated volunteers, and are pleased to recognize them here.

Our 2023 donors


$11,000+ Funds tuition and fees for one year

Doyon, Limited
Doyon Drilling
Doyon Utilities

$5,000 – $6,999 Funds a semester of room and board

Bristol Bay

$3,000 – $4,999 Funds two full-time awards

Arctic IT
Cedar Group

Frawner Corporation

Mamie Boese

$1,000 – $2,999 Funds a Level Up scholarship

Marsh & McLennan Agency
Anthony Mallot
Brice, Inc.
Cook Inlet Regional, Inc.
Denali State Bank
Doyon Government Group
Inlet Energy

Mass Excavation
NANA Management
Northrim Bank
NOV Rigging
Nov, Inc.
Ryan Air
Usibelli Coal Mine

Mollie Lloyd
Anvil Corporation
Aaron Schutt
Alyeska Pipeline Service
Georgianna Lincoln
Orie Williams

$500 – $999 Funds textbooks for a semester

Tamara Chiago
Tanya Kaquatosh
Alaska Communications

$250 – $499 Funds school supplies and fees

Erin Rose
Robin Refroe
Kroger Donations
Fred Meyer Rewards

$50 – $249 Funds a parking pass

Sarah Obed
Peg Wight
Marvin Deacon
Anna Benner
Daniel & Cynthia Hoover
Dawn Crumrine
Lorien French
Margaret Holmes
S.C. & M.T. Cook
Abigail Riggs

Allison Moses
Amanda Hileman
Amy Gallo
Eileen Conlon
Hetrick Family
Jeanne Hileman
Jim & Rhea Brown
Joseph & Regina Itle
Kristi Williams

Monica Garcia
Rebecca Hyde
Rebecca Shaw
Richard Wright
Russell & Anita Hoover
Sandra Donigian
Sonta Roach
Susan Croushore
William & Dorothy Stahl

Up to $49 Funds an application for graduation

Elizabeth Garach
Laurie Staub
Deborah Kyle
G. Michael Imes
Abbie Conlon

Anna Moskov
Earl Krug
Elmira Conlon
Jamie Ebersole
Kendra Itle

Kim & Jeffrey Payne
Kylee Beatus
Nancy Wight
Emily Walker
Jaenell Manchester

If you would like to join our family of donors, we welcome your support. Make your secure online gift today.

Our volunteers

Adrienne Edwards
Allan Hayton
Ariella Bradley
Charlene Marth
Cheyenna Kuplack
Christi Eickholt
Delores Huffman
Dorothy Shockley
Elaine Richards
Erika Swanson
Erin Hayes
Georgia Attla
Hailey Standish
Howie Thies
Jamie Marunde

Janet Renfrew
Jenna Sommer
Jennifer Mayo-Shannon
Jordan Craddick
Jordanna David
Joshua DuVall
Joyce Roberts
Julie Settle
Karly Richardson
Kasey Wilson
Kat Del Fierro
Kelly Ward
Kristy Parrish
Lana Assyd

Laprenza Frank
Larissa Sommer
Leann Sommer
Linda Armstrong
Liz Shoemaker
Lori McCaffery
Marilyn Andon
Melinda Andon
Melody King
Michelle Andon
Payton Weisz
Purestyn Milk
Rania Girard

Raquel Moses
Reanna Moses
Robin Renfroe
Roselie Carroll
Sharon Hildebrand
Sherry Sparks
Shondiin Mayo
Stephanie Pitka
Tanya Kaquatosh
Tanya O’Brien
Tassy Nelson
Teisha Simmons
Trudy O’Kelley