Checks will soon be in the mail for 284 students who received Doyon Foundation scholarships for the fall 2022 semester! We awarded 82 part-time awards totaling $132,000; 152 full-time awards totaling $364,000; and 50 competitive awards totaling $199,000.

Our part-time awards are $1,600, full-time awards are $2,400, and our competitive awards are up to $11,000. Part- and full-time awards are for the fall semester; competitive recipients receive half of their scholarship in the fall and the other half in the spring semester.

We will be opening the application for spring 2023 scholarships soon! November 15 is the deadline to apply for full-time and part-time awards for the spring semester. That is also the deadline for competitive award recipients to re-apply for their spring semester funding. 

We thank all of our generous donors who continue to support the scholarship program at Doyon Foundation. If you would like to join our family of donors, please consider making a gift on our website.

For more information on our scholarship program, visit or contact us at 907.459.2049 or