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Every shareholder's dream is realized

Profiles & Success Stories

Amber Steinhilpert
“Our Elders and young ones hold a special place in my heart”
James Quinto
“Always have goals”
Shane Derendoff
“Goals influence all of your decisions”
Kiana Vondra
“Doyon Foundation helped me have a more secure future”
Monica Lee
“We need to educate our youth and allow them to grow.”
Lillian Mandregan-Burroughs
“Doyon Foundation scholarships allowed me to focus on becoming the best nurse I can"
Spencer Brown
“Doyon is supporting my endeavor toward a career in the electrical field”
Angeli Kristovich
“I’m forever grateful for help I’m receiving from Doyon Foundation. Baasee!”
Hannah Bagot
“Doyon Foundation scholarships help me share diversity within health care-related discussions”
Jasmine Gilpin
“Your education is powerful and it’s yours. Just keep chugging along!”
John Williams
“When work hours end, I’m 100 percent a father”
Noah Lovell
“You have to know who you’re not to know who you are”
Rebekah Hartman
‘I want to work on stories that are inclusive and meaningful’
Buddy North
“I want to inspire students to excel at education”
Wanda Burdick
“Keep a positive attitude and take everything one step at a time”
Ben Schwartz
“Doyon Foundation scholarships are a source of motivation."
Spencer Brown
“Doyon Foundation is supporting my endeavor toward a career in the electrical field."
Alyssa Sommer
“I would not have been able to reach my goals without Doyon Foundation.”
Jayne Martin
“Be resilient and face challenges head on.”
Janelle Solbos
“I’m learning everything I can to serve Alaskans in rural communities”
Megan Patsy
“Education is the most important thing.”
Ryan Michel
“Doyon Foundation has helped support my financial needs. Without the Foundation’s assistance, I would have had to take on additional student loans.”
Noah Lovell
“Doyon Foundation has made a financially stress-free college experience a reality.”
Cory LePore
“Thank you so much for your academic support of Alaska Native students!”
Language Champion: Sonta Roach
“I’m not just a language learner. I’m Deg Hit’an”
Worl-Demientieff Siblings
Crystal Demientieff-Worl, Rico Demientieff-Worl, and Kyle Kaayak’w Demientieff-Worl are three siblings who share a dedication to the culture of Alaska Native people. Each earned Doyon Foundation scholarships. The siblings are committed to applying their college education to advance Native people.
Annie Sanford
2017 Morris Thompson Memorial Golf Classic student speaker
Emily Sexton
“Getting over homesickness has been essential”
Kaylen Demientieff
“It’s important to work hard, but remember to have fun!”
Jessica Ullrich
“Stay connected to who you are and where you come from”
Jarynn Cunningham
“All our efforts pay off in the long run”
Helena Jacobs
"Looking back now, I’m so glad I didn’t allow myself to quit. Two years of homesickness feels like a drop in the bucket now compared to all the opportunity, open doors and relationships I have because of it.”
Nicole Smith
Nicole’s advice to current and future students is to “never give up. I just graduated high school and this is my time to shine. Show the world, your school, your family what you can do.”
Christina Edwin
Doyon Foundation has “been a great financial support,” Christina says, which has allowed her to continue building her leadership capacity through multiple roles within the UAF Native community and the Alaska Native community at large.
Neal Charlie
"The funds invested in my education will not only benefit myself, but the Native community as a whole. Having financial support will allow me to focus my time and energy on classwork instead of stressing over tuition and living expenses."
Chalisa Attla
“Doyon Foundation was there for me through the whole process of getting accepted into training. All I had to do was study after classes started. I’m very grateful to the staff. Special thanks to Doris Miller and Maurine McGinty for the effort in getting me into the training, and Doyon Security and Alyeska for the scholarship and sponsorship.”
Whitney Frank
"To the people who are interested in this field (automotive industry), jump in with both feet and try it. You don't know unless you do. I jumped in without looking and I am so much happier than I could ever have thought. I found what I love to do."
Peter Hjelm
"Find something that you love to do and will benefit the people of your community. Look for a field that has a public service component that your community has need in, then structure your education goals around that."
Raymond Pitka, Jr.
“No one knows the full reach of a person, and that in itself is exciting and sometimes sad. I often think about the Boston bombings and the people who had died there, especially an 8-year old boy. We won't know this boy's full reach in life. Perhaps he would have brought many great things to existence had he lived. That's how I see youths in Alaska, and supporting them through the Foundation is one great way in achieving that.”
Jordan Craddick
“The history of Alaska Native people from our own perspective is largely underrepresented, and what is written is often biased and inaccurate, says Doyon Foundation student Jordan Craddick. That motivated Jordan, who is the grandson of Caroline Demientieff, to dedicate his studies and future career to exploring and sharing Alaska Native history, filling a significant and important need.”
Dewey Kk'ołeyo Hoffman
“When you donate to the Doyon Foundation, you are not only supporting the current and upcoming generation of Alaska Native leadership that will directly steer us into the future, but the state of Alaska as a whole.”
Shannon Jimmie
“To me, the Doyon Foundation scholarship gives students, especially Alaska Native students, a chance for a promising future. I know that with this scholarship, hard work does pay off, it does not go unnoticed.”
Jennifer Maguire
“Go to every class. You don’t have to be Einstein to succeed in school. If you simply go to every class and do the work to the best of your ability, you will succeed!”
Aaron Peters
“While I was attending college, full time, I was the sole contributor to my finances. Doyon Foundation provided much-needed scholarship funds to assist in the high cost of tuition, books and living expenses. It was a great relief to be able to focus on studies and not worry about finances."
Maudrey Kriska
"I used to be scared to answer the phone when I first started and now I can talk to anybody without hesitation. I can’t put it all into words, but working at the Foundation has helped me grow into a better, brighter individual."
Felisha Cooper
“I chose to do my higher education completely online because I wanted to be able to work full time, and still have a flexible schedule."
Sarah Walker
“I try not to look at things as challenges, just things that I have to work on or get done."
Audrey George
“Stay focused, study hard and don’t ever give up.”
Tiana Woods
“I am thankful for the opportunities they have provided to help me navigate my future.”
Lisa John Paul
“I am thankful that Doyon helped me to pay for my training and obtain my CDL.”
Sarah Obed
“The scholarship from Doyon Foundation took a financial worry from my shoulders, and has allowed me to focus on my studies. It’s helped me in a very real way achieve my goal and my master’s degree.”
Torin Jacobs
“Doyon Foundation has consistently been a major financial support in my educational endeavors. Because of this, I am able to focus more on my education and less on worrying how to pay for it.”
Dalarie (Peters) Gettings
“My financial aid was slow coming from my Pell Grant this fall and if it wasn't for my Doyon scholarship, I may not have had my tuition covered in time. My scholarship was sincerely appreciated.”
Raquel Williams
“Doyon Foundation helps with my financial aid to pay for school.”
Reena Harris
“I have a large family, so my biggest challenge was finding a way to continue with school and still meet our financial needs.”
Monica Garcia
“No matter what challenges you face throughout your educational career, never lose sight of your goals.”

Teresa Fields
“You just need to get the mindset to get this done and learn as much as possible. If I can do this as a grandma, you can do it. Manage your time, and get everything done on time, so you don’t lose credit points. And attend class – you can’t learn if you don’t go.”

Nicole Monroe
“I applied for a scholarship in the fall and was one of the many students Doyon picked to receive their scholarship. The scholarship helped pay for tuition and books. Every little bit helps when you are a college student.”

Daphne Attla
“My advice for success is to study. I am learning time management, which means to turn off the TV. Also ask for help when needed, which means going to the math lab or the professor. Also remember to have confidence in your work.”

Jessica Black
“I honestly would not have been able to make it financially without the assistance of Doyon Foundation. Also to know that one has the support of your people while engaging in such rigorous work and so far from home helps me as well.”

Joseph DeWilde
“The Foundation enables students to attend college without having to worry too much about their financial needs. Giving to the Foundation allows us students to get a degree and make a brighter future for ourselves.”

LeAnn Sommer
“By supporting the Foundation, you’re helping students to receive an education to better themselves, our culture, and our own state of Alaska.”

Megan Hosken
“I would like to thank Doyon Foundation donors for all of their support. Without their donations, it would have been difficult for me to embark on my ambitions and be financially stable. It has enabled me to pursue my goals in furthering my education.”

Ramy Brooks
“As a non-traditional student, I have had to juggle the demands of being a husband and father who has to provide for his family and also the demands of being a full-time student. The scholarships that I have received from the Doyon Foundation, along with other scholarships like the CH2MHill scholarship that I heard of through the Foundation newsletter, have made it possible for me to pursue my education.”

Amy Gustafson
“I think that being determined is two-thirds of the work; just keeping your goals clear helps you recognize all and any problems that arise.”

Charles Ralston
Doyon Foundation congratulates student Charles Ralston, who was one of seven winners in the recent Native Insight: Thoughts on Recession, Recovery & Opportunity writing competition.

Agatha Erickson
"I’m graduating debt-free. The Doyon Foundation has helped me extensively. Thank you to Doyon and all who supported me.”

Bernice “Avu” Dahl
"Without the funding from the Doyon Foundation and others, I would not have been able to attend school."

Samantha Smith
"I encourage students to explore jobs and take on summer internship opportunities in their field of interest. Once you have focus, and short-term and long-term goals, your education goes a lot smoother."

Jacqueline Esai
"I think Alaska’s students are a field of potential that local businesses and individuals do well to cultivate. After all, the students of today are the employees and employers of tomorrow."

Cecelia Grant
"I feel more secure knowing there is an organization such as Doyon that is dedicated to assisting students financially."

Matt Calhoun
"I am thankful and grateful for the Doyon Foundation believing in their students by investing in our education."

Brittni Guyton
"Doyon Foundation’s assistance would be a great asset in helping me to fulfill my goals and finish my education."

Nadine Carroll
Nadine Carroll witnessed all the excitement of the 2009 presidential inauguration first-hand.

Lee DeWilde
"I appreciate that Doyon supported a non-traditional student. They gave a 35-year-old man a second chance to get a four-year degree."

Michael Ervin
“Education is important because it’s hard to have a successful career without an education. If I didn’t have the education, I wouldn’t have done well in the academy and be where I’m at today.”

Congratulations to New Grads
Doyon Foundation students Todd Malamute and Charles Esmailka graduated on November 14 from the Law Enforcement Academy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Tanana Valley Campus. Both Malamute and Esmailka recently accepted positions with Doyon Universal Services, as part of the Denali Project in Tok. Please join Doyon Foundation in congratulating our two newest graduates!

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Amanda Attla
“There are many Doyon shareholders that need to further their education and have a future. Doyon Foundation gives us that future.”

Roberta Ward
“I feel that I can actually improve the health of an individual or a family one small step at a time. There is no other work that I would rather do.

Nazune Menka
“Keeping education affordable is important so that historically lower-economic families can become self-sufficient and successful.”

Jessie Bergman-David
"Without their support, I most likely would not be where I am. I am already looking forward to the day when I can be a contributor and give a little of what I have been so fortunate to receive back."

Arthur Stevens
"Without the help of my corporation, my education would not be possible. With the help that I have received, I can continue to further my education and set a good example for my people."

Kailey Jo Erickson
"Independence is so important to me, and the Doyon Foundation has helped me succeed as an individual person. It is hard to pay for school without getting into debt, and debt is a big problem in the world today. By receiving the Doyon scholarship, I am able to pay for school without going into debt. I am extremely grateful for their generosity.”

Stuart Grant
Tanana College Grad Qualifies for Elite Boston Marathon.
By Ginger Placeres
Published in the July 2008 issue of The Council

Tiffani Ivey
“By supporting the Doyon Foundation and the Morris Thompson Scholarship Fund, individuals may help better the lives of other Alaska Natives, and what could be more rewarding?”

Sigourney Walker
“Knowing that the corporation believes in me and supports my education goals feels great!”

Greg Bringhurst
“It's important to pay attention to what's going on, and speak up on things that are going to impact your life.”

Mick Aney
“Get started early. Even when people tell you you’re too young or too inexperienced, keep pushing and make things happen for yourself. Success won’t just happen for everyone – success comes to those who work for it.”

Chanda Aloysius
“Always believe in yourself and in your dreams.”

Michelle Garrett
“If you don’t know what you are doing or what you want in life, you just have to keep trying new things until you find yourself.”

Janna Gurtler
“Doyon is also important to me because the Foundation helps me continue my education.”

Amber Kocsis
“Receiving the Morris Thompson memorial scholarship is an incredible honor for me. It shows me that others believe in my ability and leadership qualities and induces me to push myself to achieve more and give back to our community.”

Donne Harris-Fleagle
“I want to encourage the older student such as myself to attain a degree. As a non-traditional student, it is much harder, but the bright side is that I believe older students are more determined and more focused.”

Kimberly Carlo
“I feel privileged and honored to receive a scholarship from Doyon Foundation. Knowing I have the corporation behind me makes me feel good.”

Dr. Joshua Gurtler
“The Doyon Foundation has been a source of financial and moral support for me during the past 13 years of college.”

Belinda Burk Jaeger
“Doyon Foundation support has been vital to my success while in school. They have supported me through scholarships and ongoing moral support.”

Jamey Lee Stoddard
“I can never thank Doyon enough. The financial support I received allowed me to focus entirely on my school work, which allowed me to get the great grades I did.”

Fred Campbell
“Stay with it and work really hard. You need to have a little ability, but when it comes down to it, hard work is the big thing.”

Misty Nelson
“I have had to take out very few loans with the help of Doyon. It is important for us to support Doyon because without our support, they cannot support us.”

Cody Stanley
“The support has been amazing. It’s giving people a chance to do something that they otherwise wouldn’t do.”

Rita Pierce
“Doyon’s scholarship has allowed me to pay for parking, the costly student health fee, books, and extra classes each semester to finish my degree on time. Thanks for your belief in my efforts and your support.”

Larissa Sommer
“The Foundation has contributed to many individuals throughout its existence and those individuals’ growth and success can, in part, be attributed to the help of the Foundation.”

Judith Evans
“Being a single parent and attending school creates many challenges and opportunities for growth. The funding alleviates other problems that may be keeping me from fully focusing on my studies.”

Ethan Nelson
“Not knowing what learning experiences are waiting around the corner is one of the most valuable assets a career can ever offer.”

Josh Huhndorf
“I owe it to all the people of Doyon to follow through with my goals and one day return as a physician for our people.”

Janna Avner
Doyon shareholder Janna Avner connected with colleges and cultures at College Horizons workshop.

Ashley Stickman
Doyon shareholder Ashley Stickman received Gates Millennium Scholarship.
Christina Edwin
Doyon Foundation has “been a great financial support,” Christina says, which has allowed her to continue building her leadership capacity through multiple roles within the UAF Native community and the Alaska Native community at large.